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Neutron generator nuclear weapon

I seem to have an answer as to why one type of neutron generator is used in US nuclear bombs and other used on ICBM/SLBM warheads!pic.twitter.com/lNxyzdhq8Q

... diagram of a typical re-entry vehicle for an intercontinental ballistic missile. Down at the bottom left of the warhead you see the neutron generator.

W-30 diagram

Diagram of a nuclear warhead

1. Implosion design

Nuclear Bombs

The Neutron Generator

Fusion bombs, also called thermonuclear bombs, have higher kiloton yields and greater efficiencies than fission bombs. To design a fusion bomb, ...

Moses Jones works on neutron generator

These components, part of Phoenix's neutron generator, will extract ions so they can be

I seem to have an answer as to why one type of neutron generator is used in US nuclear bombs and other used on ICBM/SLBM warheads!pic.twitter.com/lNxyzdhq8Q

About Nuclear Weapons at Sandia

53 Neutron Generator ...

Primary view of object titled 'Transfer of the neutron generator production mission to Sandia :

Nuclear weapon design

Explosive lens assembly

According to Kosta Tsipis, “Nuclear weapons designed to maximize certain of their properties and to suppress others are considered to constitute a third ...

Neutron Generator Tube

This is evident in statements by several media anointed “nuclear weapons experts” who wouldn't know a gun type from ...

More on Nuclear Modernization: Pure Peurifoy

The figure shows a bomb of spherical shape. Near the rim there are detonators and

Fusion bomb

3. Thermonuclear weapons

Cold neutron source providing neutrons at about the temperature of liquid hydrogen

The figure shows a capsule-shaped fission device which contains explosive propellant on one end

neutron generator assembly

Reports. Interactive Iranian Nuclear Weapon Schematic

10:50 PM - 18 Feb 2017

External Neutron Initiators (ENIs)

A large boron trifluoride (Bf3) neutron detector outside the main explosive chamber, with a view looking to the north. Annotations in English are on the ...

Neutron generator

Chapter 2 - Remotely Operable Chip-less Pit Bisector: 1994-1995

Using Neutrons to Detect Explosive Devices

U.S.-China Mission Rushes Bomb-Grade Nuclear Fuel Out of Africa

Critical mass

Thumbnail image of item number 3 in: 'Transfer of the neutron generator production mission

A schematic of a possible warhead verification scenario using the DPI and a portable DT neutron generator.

graphic of the bomb and how it works. D-T neutron generator

Key Explosive-Containing Components in a Generic Nuclear Weapon

FIGURE 2-1 Life cycle of a nuclear weapon.

W87 thermonuclear weapon


Design of a modern thermonuclear weapon

Map figure: Lethal radii for weapons of various yields detonated in Washington, D.C.

U.S.-China mission rushes bomb-grade nuclear fuel out of Africa

It is reasonable to assume that a South African-style verification of warhead dismantlement and accounting of fissile material production would be a much ...

A nuclear weapon is tested in the Marshall Islands in 1952. Photo credit AP

Global Neutron Generators Market Research Report 2018 In this report, the global Neutron Generators market ...

The B61-12 nuclear bomb features a new tail kit assembly developed by Boeing.

An Iranian photo shows a chamber allegedly used by Iran to test implosion devices of the kind used to detonate a nuclear bomb. (Government of Israel)

Ultimate Leaks: The History of Nuclear Weapons Design 1945-2016

FIGURE 1-1: Advances in computation power in the Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) program since 1996. SOURCE: NNSA

A neutron generator is a critical component in modern nuclear weapons as it triggers the chain

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Alarming evidence points at Iran nuclear bomb effort


On the Phoenix production room floor in Monona, CEO Ross Radel explains what the company's neutron generators can do. The advanced physics business has ...

Figure 4. Image from the archive that shows the main high explosive test chamber in Taleghan 1 at the Parchin site. Annotations by the Institute.

Translation of a Nuclear Archive chart depicting the organizational structure of Project 110, showing the Shock Generator Subproject.

This article explores how atomic bombs work

Figure 4.1 DOE/NNSA Nuclear Security Enterprise

The energy from the fission reaction goes to the nuclei of the isotopes in the second stage, causing their nuclei to fuse. This nuclear fusion creates an ...


All three directors of the nuclear weapons labs have an inherent conflict-of-interest in that they also act as the presidents of the executive boards of the ...

A high-yield neutron generator. Image: Phoenix Nuclear Labs

The B61, which exists in several mods, is actually a family of weapons based on a single basic weapon and physics package design. The physics package of the ...

A photograph of the experimental setup that shows the configuration used to measure the HEU interrogated by the DT neutron generator.

Diagram of a nuclear warhead

Thumbnail image of item number 4 in: 'Transfer of the neutron generator production mission

Binding energy per nucleon (proton or neutron) vs. atomic mass number. Source: Wikipedia. CC BY-SA-4.0

Natanz nuclear facility

ifmat - Iran is very close to developing Nuclear weapon

Center for Strategic & International Studies

If you think of critical mass in terms of marbles, the tight formation of marbles

... on a Tehran warehouse site in January shows Iran conducted at Parchin more high explosive tests related to nuclear weapons development than previously ...

Figure C.6 Unclassified Illustration of a GA Weapon (Source: Joint DOE/DoD Topical Classification Guide for Nuclear Assembly Systems (TCG-NAS-2), ...

Further, among the 130 states seeking to agree on the ban treaty, 94 states are also members of nuclear-weapon-free-zone treaties.

Iran 'closer to nuclear weapons than we thought,' global security watchdog

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... explosion of nuclear weapons • Both uses are possible because certain substances called nuclear fuels undergo fission when struck by fission neutrons, ...

The deployment of W88 warheads on the Trident D-5 missiles was slowed by the closure of the Rocky Flats plutonium processing plant in November 1989 due to ...

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex 4

What is a nuclear weapon?

The Secret 'White Trains' That Carried Nuclear Weapons Around the U.S.

WPI professor David Medich stands next to the neutron generator he is developing for medical imaging

Why it's so difficult to build a hydrogen bomb

From the archive, 9 August 1955: Harnessing the H-Bomb

Would think they would have used external neutron generators. #nukes # nuclear #weapons #iranpic.twitter.com/Lc3Q5Y3J0W