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An object detection Android app - Built on Flutter, Tensorflow and Yolo

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The tflite plugin wraps TensorFlow Lite API for iOS and Android. It implemented native code for feeding input and extracting output of popular models.

Flutter 的TensorFlow Lite 插件- tflite

Artistic tranfer style with Flutter and Tensorflow

PoseNet for iOS, Android and Flutter using TensorFlow Lite ...

GitHub Trending: The community is interested in Flutter, Xray, TensorFlow & Vue.js

Can't wait to show you what we have in store for 2019! #Flutter #OSS #iosdev #AndroidDev @github #Top20 #Wowpic.twitter.com/LBVGDBOPur

Flutter Makes it Easy and Fast to Build Mobile Apps. #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #Python #RStats #TensorFlow #Java #JavaScript #ReactJS #VueJS #GoLang ...

🗞️Introducing BodyPix by TensorFlow.js, RxMarbles, PikaPkg, Flutter Contest, + 2 More - AJ's WiW - YouTube

could Google flutter and its other program like tensorflow take down other programming languages since it has started building a

Jan 16, 2019. TensorFlow ...

The following diagram shows the architectural design of TensorFlow Lite:

... to solve the sandwich debate by determining if the picture you've taken is a sandwich using machine learning, Flutter, and TensorFlow Lite technology.

Native 模块


... to solve the sandwich debate by determining if the picture you've taken is a sandwich using machine learning, Flutter, and TensorFlow Lite technology.

This article was first published on the Knoldus blog. TensorFlow ...

iOS Android


Google is the best at releasing high impact open source projects (TensorFlow, Flutter, Kubernetes...), even outside GitHub (Android, Chrome, ...).

TensorFlow 1.9 poster TensorFlow 1.9 screenshot 1 TensorFlow 1.9 screenshot 2 ...


Otherwise you can train directly from the app by clicking “Train Model” under a dataset, and you can choose the duration to train the model.

Новости и аналитика

Flutter Beta but 강동혁 Better and Better ...

The Complete TensorFlow Masterclass: Machine Learning Models

We're continually fascinated by the apps, tools, and user experiences developers are building with machine learning on and for mobile devices.

Introducing TensorFlow Feature Columns

From raw data to production models (Source)

Image for Introduction to TensorFlow: Google Brain's Open-Source Framework for Machine Learning

As we explored in our recent article on AI-based algorithm development, automation is quickly changing from something to that developers can work on into ...

""Flutter: How we're building a UI framework for tomorrow at Google" by Eric Seidel – Watch Video @ Dev.Tube


... TensorFlow 1.9 screenshot 4 ...

TensorFlow Lite, a streamlined version of TensorFlow for mobile, was announced by Dave Burke, vice president of engineering for Android.

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A poll done by JAXEnter to find out the which language is on your list for 2019 resulted in more surprise results like Dart is rising much faster than any ...

I'll preface this post by just letting you know that the results while interesting are not crash hot. It was however a really interesting experience into ...

Qualcomm is Optimizing the Snapdragon 835 and Hexagon 682 DSP for TensorFlow

Fast.ai's Deep Learning from the Foundations with Swift for TensorFlow

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Webcam Controller

Most of them are the same. I haven't figured out who the real author is. If the author of the link article sees it, I can contact me.

Flutter Chicago

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Swift for TensorFlow Nagoya iOS Meetup vol.3 ...

... to solve the sandwich debate by determining if the picture you've taken is a sandwich using machine learning, Flutter, and TensorFlow Lite technology.

Basics of Flutter by Eduwaive Foundation and Aeologic Technologies

Flutter Tutorial - Flight List UI Example In Flutter


Create and Manage quick actions in Flutter

TensorFlow.js Learn Machine Learning

Build your own Image classifier with Tensorflow and Keras

Google expands ML Kit capabilities for building machine learning into mobile apps | ZDNet

Building a machine learning model to identify custom images might require a lot of dataset collection and a lot of time to do it correctly.

Flutter / AngularDart – Code sharing, better together (DartConf 2018) – Watch Video @ Dev.Tube

A part of the Google Developer Program, Google Developers Codelabs provides a guided, tutorial

Using TensorFlow.js to check for naughty content client-side

This repo is the implementation of my project proposal for Tensorflow 2.0 Challenge.

... Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Kubernetes, Tensorflow, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Kotlin, Google Cloud Platform, Android Flutter, ...

Google now uses TensorFlow to block 100 million more Gmail spam messages daily - Neowin


Machine Learning With TensorFlow: The Practical Guide

А также: Bitcoin Wallet, закрытие Project Tango, стоимость разработки мобильного приложения, доклады с KotlinKonf, работа с Flutter, новые требования Google ...

Object detection

119: Flutter with GDE Eugenio Marletti - Part 2 from Fragmented - Android Developer Podcast on RadioPublic

TensorFlow 1.9 poster TensorFlow 1.9 screenshot 1 ...

Flutter for Desktop: Create and Run a Desktop Application - Kleine Hassler Blog

Workshop on Machine learning and TensorFlow - With Puneet Jindal and Khushleen Kaur

Google Developers Blog: Announcing Flutter beta 1: Build beautiful native apps

Sample GST app using FLutter

flutter. News and Events

Hands-on TensorBoard (TensorFlow Dev Summit 2017)

Flutter 控件学习记笔记

Codemagic CI for Flutter

JavaScript and machine learning: Google shows what's possible using the web programming language - TechRepublic

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