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Exotic chickens for sale

The most unique chicken on the planet! Revered for its striking, all-black appearance, this Indonesian chicken is known for its black feathers, black skin, ...

exotic chickens | 20 Amazing,Inspiring and Rare chicken breeds | The Poultry Guide

A genetically altered chicken breed which does not grow feathers. Go to Featherless chickens

Golden Laced Polish Chicken Rooster

... and purples in its black feathers, luxuriant tail, and totally black doll eyes it can easily compete among the most beautiful chickens on the planet.


This exotic, Swedish landrace breed survived on the formidable coast of western Sweden where it scavenged fish to survive. You won't find a more tenacious ...


For Sale - Just Struttin Farm


Exotic Chicken Breeds | light brahma

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Vulturine Guineafowl

Golden Phoenix Chickens


... are generally friendly toward people and can be an excellent choice for the dedicated hobbyist willing to explore the extremes of the poultry kingdom.

Top 5 most exotic chickens

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... look at many of the exotic chickens listed here, take a look at our poultry breeds page. Exotic means non-native to a continent.

At any rate, the exotic Ayam Ketawa, with its maniacal laughing vocalizations, will leave an indelible impression on both.

Buff Laced Polish Chicken

Urban Chicken Farming: Backyard Chickens in Austin Texas .

I want one of these... kinda look like an owl/ frizzle mix :P

In some backyard flocks, 'boutique' breeds that lay blue eggs, look like basketballs are climbing the pecking order

Exotic chickens Frenc Black Copper Maran

Amazon.com: Exotic Chickens: Coloring for Everyone (Creative Stress Relieving Adult Coloring) (9781510712256): Racehorse Publishing: Books

Indonesia's Jet-Black Chickens Are the Dark Side of Poultry

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East African Crowned Crane


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The Tomaru originated in the T'ang Dynasty in China and later migrated to Japan where it was named, treasured, and cultivated for its unique blend of ...


... sale Gauteng Affordable Exotic Poultry Gauteng ...

polish frizzle

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Raising backyard poultry

Lemon Pyle Brahma

Chicken Breed Identification | Can anyone ID them for me? Who has them for sale?

An exclusive documentary on the various exotic and indigenous breeds of poultry

Best Pure Bred Exotic Chicks And Chickens for sale in St. Helens, Oregon for 2019

Ayam Cemani, the Lamborghini of chickens.


Ayam Cemani

Exotic chickens White Sultan


Transylvanian naked neck chicken in backyard

With us you get the best Orpington Chickens For Sale now in Pretoria, Gauteng !

Buff Cochin Standard Chicken

Sussex chicken in backyard

I have a variety of exotic chicken pets for sale. I have silkies (white, black, splash, gold, grey), white sultan, mottled houdan,white-crested black polish ...

Do Backyard Chickens Need More Rules?

Pekin Bantams for sale South Africa Pekin Bantams




Pair of LF Blue Salmon Brahmas - 3 months old - RARE

houdan polish chicken

Ayam Cemani get their black coloring from a generic trait known as 'fibromelanosis', that promotes the proliferation of black pigment cells.

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... docile, and friendly breed of Chicken. They are best known for their heavy leg feathering, giving them the appearance of wearing fluffy pants. The hens ...

australorp barnvelder chicken

A lovely variety of exotic chickens, selling due to flock needing to downsize. Healthy daily egg layers.

Exotic chickens Blue Splash Polish

Black Chicken

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Silkie Chickens for Sale


Got any sweets?

Oriental and Long Tail Chicks for sale

Ayam Serama

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The Ameraucana came from blue egg laying chickens, and are closely related to the Araucana, but they have since differed greatly. Instead of ear tufts, ...

Hybrid chickens are vigorous and healthy

Shamo chickens Photo: Greenfire Farms

Featherless Chicken-Revere Farms on Facebook

Barred rock

phoenix ...

Poland Frizzle chicken

barbezieux basque chicken

Chubby Chickens Hatchery's photo.

Pictures of Exotic Chickens, Rare Pheasants, Junglefowls, Fancy Gamebirds and Native Quails

Before you advertise your chickens, you need to decide if you are selling hatching eggs, which allows the buyer to purchase the fertile eggs from you and ...

cockerels for free

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exotic chickens for sale for sale in California Classifieds & Buy and Sell in California - Americanlisted

The Ayam Cemani is one of the most exotic rare chicken breeds. Their whole body

An Elegant Urban Chicken in a Backyard in Austin Texas

They have a unique comb and an ultra exotic forward facing crest on the top of their head. Chickens with mohawks are awesome!

Exotic chickens Sumatran Rooster

Silver Laced Polish Chicken

A modern game bantam also known as Tyra Banks.

Guinea hens are a little different than broody chickens in that they will sit on eggs and raise young together. You could be potentially looking at a nest ...

Ornamental chicken farming in kerala - Exotic and fancy chickens (show quality) - YouTube

Goldline warren point of lay hens