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4 years ago


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Animating Vertex Maps & Tearing Cloth

We will make it able to easily morph into the letter A, B and C. Make the following setup in the PoseMixer Tag. All the spline objects are copies of the ...

Mesh Deformer - Set up

Compressed Splash

Vic 3 with all morphs as loaded by our plugin. The little Vic 3 heads are the compressed mophs saved at the body part level (so they don't ALL appear on one ...

... question.jpg

particle Morph

General quicktab

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And what to choose from these options? ...I'm trying to find bake tuts but all I found is how to bake texture..all I want is to use posemorphs on my sculpt ...

Sculpting objects and characters is now possible in R14. Image and sculpt courtesy of Patrick

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... 3.

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Mesh Deformer - Attribute Manager

When the UnDeform Tag is selected in the Cinema 4D Object Manager, you can edit it's options in the Attribute Manager.

Create a background object

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Full Comparison Chart


Morphing Architectural Shapes in Cinema 4D

To Add a Morph Tag:

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In order to not break the object into million pieces first select all the pieces, right click and select "Connect Object + Delete". ...

Morph Tag and splines?

Cinema 4D Cloth Morphing Tutorial


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HUD – Heads up display

The selected object is outlined in orange, while a white outline tells you what object

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