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Bash check if file older than 1 hour

How to delete files older than X days automatically using PowerShell

Fig.01: date command in action

Delete older than files on Windows 10

... 76.

... bash; 15.

Task Scheduler Trigger settings

bash tricks for Linux users

Task Scheduler General tab

Backup Files and Directories in Linux

Example 8 – How to find files based on size in Unix and Linux

Check Your System Version

find command examples in Linux

Next step is to allocate this space to a new partition and format the partition to a specific file system. Typical Linux file systems are ext2 , ext3 and ...

Fig.01: Delete empty directories and files.

shell programming

PowerShell LastWriteTime command

nixCraft. Linux Tips ...

rsync cron


I recently covered how to copy and compress (ZIP) multiple files and folders and add a timestamp to the ZIP filename. All this was done using a batch file ...

Script to delete files older than 7 days – Command Line

5 Courses to Learn Shell Scripting in Linux Online

SSD health check on Linux

How To Automatically Delete Files Older Than X Days On Windows 10

How to install yum-cron on CentOS RHEL server

3. New versions, translations and availability

Find Command Examples on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat and AIX

Tux the penguin is the official Linux mascot.

Get 39% off Docker in Practice with the code: 39miell2

Ubuntu Xfce and Chrome OS running simultaneously

Changing system date from Terminal – OS X recovery

[Shedule] Cron Job | CronTab - Run PHP Script Command cPanel

11 Reasons Why Linux Is Better Than Windows

For older Windows 10 builds, and for Windows 7 and 8/8.1, you need to first cd to the folder with the cUrl EXE, and then run a command.

Figure A

Mega Bash Ticket (*Selling FAST): $85, Two-day pass, featuring 1 Hour early admission on Saturday, plus entry to an after-hours VIP party on Saturday night ...

Binaries are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I dared to download and play around with the files, only to get shocked how incompetent Microsoft is in ...

The Bad Result

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I always wanted to learn the commands. And 'typing without looking at the key board' was a fantasy. And then life happened. Over the course of last 25 years ...

linux software updates - why linux is better than windows

Automatically Backup Your Website Every Night Using Bash Script

Test ...

In the above example, the asterisk (*) will cause the exclude command to match any .mov files in the source directory.)

Figure C

This article is aimed at distro hoppers who like to install multiple Linux distributions to their system drive and to be able to replace them with minimal ...

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Many approaches to sandboxing in Linux

Popular Topics

Authenticate API requests. In order to make requests to the Vision API, you need to use a Service Account. A Service Account is an account, belonging to ...

How to install OpenCV 4 on Ubuntu

[QGIS Project Properties]


Easily move your music into an iTunes playlist and then trash it after import.

How to Rename Files and Directories in Linux

Verify that your rule is in place and active.

... Linux vs Windows Infographics

Reopen the “WSL – Ubuntu 18.04“ console.

This update is about more than logos. The Firefox design system includes everything we need to make product and web experiences today and long into the ...


This example shows that I am taking my excel spread sheets from my local sales folder and backing them up to a folder called salesbu.

docker run -it microsoft/powershell

find files modified in the last X days and X hours and X mins

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(The rsync -r command copied all the files on my Desktop to my USB flash drive named DocsBackup. Notice that the time stamp on all the copied files is set ...

... Mac OS means 1/15/2019, and 1/16 was still tomorrow when this test was run). As you can see, the file times are wrong by 16 hours on Android alone— files ...

How to automatically backup all MySQL databases on Windows with a batch file. | Red Olive


best course to learn Shell Scripting in Linux

35+ Examples of Regex Patterns Using sed and awk in Linux - DZone Web Dev


[QGIS Project Properties]

... start programs that run (e.g., they can write to files) but remain invisible, even though Mergeall's GUI successfully spawns a non-GUI process the same ...

Then, take a look at an older one. After that, go back some time in history and consult some of my other installation guides.

I have no idea because I've never used Linux, but hopefully, someone with experience can help.

1. Watch out for an increase in file renames.

... Uses Linux file- and folder-chooser dialogs that ...

10 ways to use find command in UNIX and Linux

Automatically organize all of your bills and statements.

... Drill down into the dashboard and alert details - alert detail